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Five (5) Reasons why i should watch "The Next One : Sarah Geronimo" Concert”

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SHE's BACK!!! SARAH GERONIMO the country's Pop star Princess will invade General Santos City for her Philippine tour this year. "Sarah Geronimo : The Next One Concert"

Reasons why I should watch her concert? hmmm??

  • I've been wanting to see her to perform LIVE! and this is indeed a dream come true for me and the Generals to witness her perform onstage.

  • I admire Sarah G alot, on top of that is her versatility as an artist. She has a powerful voice and energetic dance moves that will surely make the Generals groove as she hit the notes and the dance floor.

  • A Record Breaker Superstar with a humble heart, motivation and dedication for her work and dreams is one of the inspiration and role model of the youngsters like me.

  • This is surely a full blast concert with her special guest performers : Mark Bautista, Billy Crawford, Jay-R, Simon Wood and Jimmy Marquez. and the Famous Musical Composer Mr. Louie Ocampo, her musical director.

  • A night to remember that the Generals shouldn't miss. by this time i just want to take a break and have fun. An early Chirstmas treat. And ooopps not to forget that this will be another enjoyable time to spend with my fellow bloggers.
This are my reasons why i should watch and meet and great her before or after her show.

Thanks to Sir Bariles of GenSan News Online Mag and Mr. Michael Wee of Dreamworks Venture for this "5 Reason why you should watch The Next One Concet" BLOG CONTEST.

Mother's Love

Everyone has someone special in their life and for me, one of my special someone in my life would be my mom. My mom is the best mom in world. She takes care of us, giving us a place to live, she cooks food for us, works for us. My mom is the best mom in the universe. We are not rich in money and in fame but one things for sure we are rich in love.

My mom is my role model. She's always been there for me. When I'm hurt, she was there. Whenever I'm sick, she takes care of me, always asking what i needed or asking if i feel better. I Love my Mom so much. I couldn't survive without her.

She's very thoughtful, she never gets mad when my younger brothers leave a last minute homework, she helps us until it's done. She's hard-working, and never forgets to remind us of things that we need to be done.

I'm sure every family has a wonderful mom, but i just feel blessed with mine. She is my Super Mom. She can do anything for us. I LOVE YOU MOM!!

Laugh Till U Drop

After David Pomeranz serenade the hearts of the Generals last February 14, 2009, GenSan got another visitor, two of the best local stand-up comedian Pooh and K-Brosas will invade GenSan with their comedic talents.

The show is entitled "Laugh Til U Drop!".

Pooh is infamous with his impersonation of People's Champ Manny Pacquiao wherein he used the screen name "Manny Poohkyaw". Pooh stands out from other comedians because he is also an in demand host and performer in a variety of concerts and events, with his perfect timing in cracking jokes as well as singing.

K-Brosas is a famous singer. She is the lead singer of K and the Boxers and former lead singer of The Crucibles band. K is a complete package. She is a singer, host, comedienne, and a theatre performer rolled into one.

I must say that this show will make the Generals Laugh their heart out with Pooh and K-Brosas powerful punch-lines. They can make the crowd break into laughter as soon as they deliver their comic speils and hilarious comedy acts.

Expect the night of total entertainment when Pooh and K-Brosas unleashed their comic talents.

So mark your calendars Generals April 19, 2009.

Ticket Prices are:

Platinum - Php 600

(reserve seats, court area)

Gold - Php 400

(Free seating, court area)

Silver - Php 250

(free seating, lower bleacher, black seats)

Bronze - Php 150

(free seating, upper bleacher)

**For more info, you may contact 0920-2078888 and 0905-8222220 or call the City Mayor’s Office at (083) 554-4214. Look for Haydee**

Globe Broadband Tattoo

Globe introduces a new connectivity, “Globe Broadband Tattoo” which is formerly known as Globe Visibility, where users can surf the net anytime, anywhere, and also each users can experience a speed of up to 2 Mbps.

Globe redesigned Globe Broadband with three (3) hip and trendy USB stick design to choose from, featuring artwork in black, orange, or blue.

The Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit comes with a free P100 load that is equivalent to five hours of free Internet time. On top of that, users pay only P5 per fifteen minutes on the Internet.

Users may also opt for a postpaid plan for Globe Broadband Tattoo.

Aside from using Globe Broadband Tattoo as a mobile Internet modem, the SIM card inside can also be used for calls and sending text messages at regular cell phone rates. The USB also comes with a built-in expansion slot where users can insert their own Micro SD card for additional file storage.

The new Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit is only P1895.

Go ahead, broaden your horizons!
Be heard and be felt by friends and people from all over the globe.

Make your mark and be the best that you can be.

Go and get your new Globe Broadband Tattoo at Globe Business Center nearest you!

Because this is your Internet.


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